Glamourbaby of the Week: Monica Phromsavanh

All photos by  Grant Friedman

All photos by Grant Friedman

I am a huge fan of real-life women who exude the power of a strong female protagonist. Best of all, I respect those who prevail through adversity, fight for their dreams relentlessly, and not only survive, but thrive. This is why I find it so important to share the voice of Monica Phromsavanh, a Laotian woman who grew up in Argentina as a refugee, lived through extraordinary odds, and moved to New York City to leave her mark as a powerhouse entrepreneur as CEO of Modabox. Modabox is a shopping service that delivers personally styled outfits right to your doorstep, catered to YOUR personal taste and handpicked by an expert stylist. It's such an innovative new company that Monica is up to be a Tory Burch Fellow at this moment! Read her story and find out why you should vote her in to be Tory Burch's newest business fellow right now. 

Monica Phromsavanh

City: New York , NY

Birthplace: Argentina

Occupation: CEO aka #ModaBos

How do you redefine glamour?

Glamour is a term so frequently thrown around nowadays and is a little overrated.  Glamour, in my mind, should be about being confident and comfortable in your own skin.  For me, this is dressing in something that makes you not only look great, but feel powerful in. I personally have never been particularly sexy or “hot”, but am seen as an intelligent and timeless woman, which is what I like to think being glamorous is---being a chic, confident woman.

What is your WHY? (Why do you do what you do?)         

I started my career as most people in fashion do---with two hundred dollars in my pocket and a passion.  After struggling and growing up in a refugee camp in Argentina, I realized at an early age what hard work really is and have applied that everyday since, to make my dreams a reality.  Through my determination, I was able to work in the fashion industry and pave my way until I came to my current position--- a cofounder of Modabox, a company of industry professionals, tastemakers, and style connoisseurs.  As I progress and excel, it is very important to me to give back in some way.  It is not only fulfilling to share what I’ve learned with others,  but imperative to me to emphasize female empowerment in everything I do.

What are your current projects?

Some of my current projects include being on conference panels or being a speaker to talk about my expertise and share what I’ve learn in my industry or how I can inspire other female entrepreneurs. Recently, ModaBox has been taking up 110% of my time. Having time for other projects is hard to fit on my plate at the moment, but I’m looking forward to some great collaborations coming up.

What is a message you’d like to share with young women?    

Being the best you can be and confident in everything you do is the most important thing.  I urge all women to dress to impress and take on each day as if she owns it. Cherish your intelligence, and be proud of who you are and whatever you stand for.  No matter what challenge you meet, you are a beautiful and powerful woman, and can succeed at anything you put your mind to. Always dream big, never give up, and ALWAYS be passionate about what you do. So passionate that you’ll work without having to be paid and still love it. Have fun while you are doing it! Because at the end it’ll all pay off. 



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