Glamourbaby of the Week: Shola Adisa-Farrar

On my old blog, I did a weekly feature about different Glamourbabies, aka women who were redefining glamour through their strength, passion, and purpose. I'm excited to bring it back this month! 

My first Glamourbaby of the Week feature of the year is my dear friend Shola Adisa-Farrar, an Oakland bred, Paris based singer who will be releasing her first album this month. Not only is Shola a talented singer, but she is someone with depth, soul, and heart- which I find, is the real reason why she shines. Shola is also my 'accountability partner', which means that our friendship serves the purpose of encouraging, pushing, and inspiring one another to stay accountable to our commitment to work hard on our visions, and build our dreams. I think everyone needs a friendship like this! Read more about Shola below. 

Shola Adisa - Farrar

City: Paris, France 

Birthplace:  Oakland, California

Occupation: Singer & Actress


How do you redefine glamour? 

Glamour is making yourself your first priority, and indulging in experiences that make you feel wonderful and pampered. For me, that can be anything from staying in the bed all day catching up on my favorite TV series, to getting a massage treatment, to putting on a flashy dress and heels and strolling around the city, to having a delicious meal out on the town, to planning my next adventure/travel experience. 

What is your WHY? (Why do you do what you do?)  

For the love, for the adventure and for the legacy. It's important for me to genuinely enjoy anything I am engaged in and to truly feel fulfilled. Otherwise, as my friends will tell you, I just won't do it.  My Godmother calls me "Adventure Woman" because I often take risks and explore the 'off-the-beaten' path. I don't want my life to be straight and well-paved, but rather, curvy, colorful, and full of different sensations that activate new energies and stories. 

From a young age, my parents instilled in me the idea of leaving this Earth better than I left it, with a tangible contribution. I pay great attention to those who came before me, those who have paved the way for me so that I could enjoy the liberties that I have now. In turn, I want my life to serve as a pathway for future generations to come.

What is your message to young women? 

One of my all-time favorites quotes is: "If you don't have the courage or insight to move on with your life, your life will move you. " The only one responsible for your happiness is you, so take charge.  Courage and authenticity matters and in order to activate both of these qualities you have to look within yourself and discover what most speaks to your spirit. Be courageous to follow the fear and be bold in creating the life you want, regardless of whether it makes sense to anyone else. Doing all of this while being authentic to who you are and who you are growing to become, is the icing on the cake!  

What are your current projects? 

I am releasing my debut album, Lost Myself, on April 15th, and am looking forward to touring internationally with this project.