Glamourbaby of the Week: Shayna Fonteno

Shayna is the kind of woman that every girl wants to grow up like: exceptionally smart, savvy, successful, and genuinely sweet. She's got a killer smile and an authentically empowering personality, and she's got such a great way of bringing people- most especially women- together to support one another. After spending a decade of her life in NYC, Shayna has moved back to the West Coast to take on Los Angeles, where she's currently making moves as an experience curator and events specialist. Read more below to see why I adore her. 


Full Name: Shayna Fonteno

City: Los Angeles / New York City

Birthplace: Bay Area

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Consultant


How do you redefine glamour? 

I think the traditional image that comes to mind when thinking of "glamour" is a woman who is impeccably dressed, with a fabulous hairstyle and make-up.  However, the actual definition of glamour is the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.  Therefore, by living in my truth, making "risky" decisions in life, and pursuing my own passions without worrying about what other people think, is how I'm re-defining glamour.  

What is your WHY? (Why do you do what you do?) 

I am passionate about supporting and connecting women because we are so powerful as a unit, not to mention, we are also our best supporters, confidants, champions and mentors. Building a solid network of people who believe in you and genuinely want the best for you in life is essential for success.  

What are your current projects? 

My current projects all revolve around connecting women or introducing amazing females to a select audience.  These include producing a music festival, programming a speaker series with Soho House, consulting with an independent film company and gearing up for a re-launch of an event series that I created to connect influential female creatives and professionals.

What is a message you’d like to share with young women? 

I would love to stress the importance of learning early to trust yourself.  It's the root of so many essentials elements of life.  When you trust yourself (and act accordingly), you are confident in making decisions that are best for you, know what is best for you (emotionally, spiritually, physically), foster the healthiest relationships, find and pursue your passions and so much more.

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