These are words for young women. "Miss Universe" is Ruby’s first published book of poems and writings, a voice of truth for every young woman seeking to dream, to heal, to grow, and to change the world. Vulnerable yet brave, these are words that shine the light on inner beauty, strength, and being crowned with the grandest prize, love. 

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Miss Universe was published in 2008. 

“Small jewels of beauty glint in Ruby’s writing – her vernacular pops & clicks when she swaggers thru Atlanta, Chi-town, and the Bay, or when she writes haikus to Jay-Z…laxes into longing with “summer in your eyes” or turns visionary when she invokes Obama as a “sunrise bleeding across a war torn sky.” She calls 2008 a year of “cruxes and high noon. Look up, ladies. A ruby star has begun to bloom.”
— Ishle Yi Park, Award Winning Poet, former Poet Laureate of Queens, NY, and author of The Temperature of this Water.

“Miss Universe offers a more vulnerable, personable method of expression. As a result, it has a more authentic feeling…gender and race aren’t new topics of discussion, but Veridiano adds a distinctive voice to these timeless conversations.”
— Wiretap Magazine