Join Me & Boomcast in Broadcasting Stories that Matter

Social media can be pretty overwhelming. There is so much more content that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, and a lot of it doesn't inspire or uplift us. It's no secret that social media has made our society much more narcissistic, more self-centered. But done the right way, social media can be a powerful force for change.

Boomcast is a new social networking app that is on a mission to do just that. By committing to telling stories that matter, Boomcast encourages users to "broadcast your story, not your selfie". They are creating a new platform that "highlights what's going on in the world, but also each user's value and place in it". 

I am excited to find a tribe of people who share my values. I am excited to be a new ambassador for Boomcast, and to be part of a passionate community of like-minded people inspiring positive change. 

Check out my story on Boomcast here, and be sure to download the Boomcast app today!