Ethical Brand Spotlight: Yours Again

Yours Again is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand that upcycles denim to create refreshing "new" pieces. Transforming old denim fabrics and reworking them into unique designs, Yours Again embraces the beauty and imperfection of used denim, and alchemizes them into chic fashion pieces that are sexy and sustainable. Check out my interview with the woman behind the brand, Simona Uvarovaite, and learn how she has created a fashion brand aligned with her cause and her values. 

1.    What is your background, and how did you get into the business of fashion? 

I always knew I wanted to be a designer, I just wasn’t sure what kind. I started off with studying interior design in Lithuania, but became disappointed with the study program. So I decided to move to Denmark and study sustainable fashion. To be honest, I was not that much into fashion at that point, but when I learned about how polluting and unsustainable the industry is, I got really inspired to change that and find new sustainable practices to improve it. After graduating, I did quite few internships which led me to realize that I need to be the change I want to see- so I decided to start my own brand. It was scary at first to start working independently at such a young age, but it was the only thing that made sense to me. I didn’t want to work for someone I couldn’t relate to.

2.    Where are you and your brand based? 

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but most of our suppliers, as well as the production workshop, are based in Lithuania.

3.    What inspired you to create your brand, Yours Again? Why denim? 

Before starting Yours Again, I thought a lot about what sustainability means to me and how I want to work with it in my career. I thought a lot about production processes and materials other sustainable brands use, and it just seemed to me that in the end, it does not solve the main problem – consumption. Organic cotton is great, but it still uses resources just as any other eco-friendly fabric. So for me, it made sense to use something we already have; clothing that people have already thrown away, and bring it back to life again. Denim seemed to be the perfect choice for many reasons: first, it is more predictable than most other textiles in terms of texture, composition and colors, therefore it is easier to source. Second, it is a very durable fabric, and it only looks better with time. And most importantly, it is a very polluting textile and it takes great amounts of water to make one pair of jeans. So I felt like denim should not go to waste as it can easily be reused and brought to life again. 

4. Why is it important to you to participate in sustainable and ethical practices? 

It is the future of fashion. Communication has become so much easier, and people have access to so much information, which empowers us to be more transparent and have more control over supply chains. The excuse ‘We didn’t know our garments were produced in Bangladesh’ is not good enough anymore. People ask questions and support the brands they believe in. There are quite few brands that inspired me to change my buying habits and even start my own brand. Yours Again has strong values in sustainability and ethical production and hopefully, that can inspire more brands to do upcycling, or find new ways to use already produced resources.

5. What is the power of upcycling? How does it promote a more conscious lifestyle? 

The power of upcycling is using something that has already been created, lived its life, and repurpose it into something new and better. Turning old and unwanted into new and desired.

Upcycling is also about inspiring people to love their clothes and show different ways to reuse them once they have worn out.

6.    You made different pieces out of denim, from bracelets to vests. What is the most creative use for upcyled denim you've developed so far? What is your favorite piece out of your collections? 

Currently we are working on a new collaboration, where we use denim for home décor products. It is still in early stages, but some of the products, for instance denim stuffed cushion, I instantly fell in love with. These products are designed to use almost all of our leftovers and hopefully we can get as close to zero waste as we can. 

And talking about current collections that are already on our webshop, I would say Reckless vest is one of my favorites.

7.    What message do you hope to spread through your work? 

I want to inspire people to love their clothing, take care of it and choose wisely what they buy. I want to show that fashion can be exclusive, beautiful and harmless at the same time.
The Founder, Simona

The Founder, Simona

8.  What changes do you hope fashion (the industry and/or their consumers) can make to be more conscious of the people and the planet? 

I really hope to see more quality in the future, both from the fashion industry and the consumer. If consumers choose to buy higher quality clothing, made with care and thought, then sooner or later, the industry will get the demand. Before mass production took over, people loved having their clothes custom-made for them, so they could feel unique and wear the piece for many years. I hope this trend will come back one day and consumers will start buying more from smaller brands with strong values.