Ethical Brand: Introducing Rich Earth Jewelry from Manila, Philippines

All images courtesy of Rich Earth Jewelry

All images courtesy of Rich Earth Jewelry

During my recent visit to my home country of the Philippines, I finally got the chance to meet Rica Banares Manuel in person, the Manila-based boss babe and creator behind Rich Earth Jewelry. Rich Earth Jewelry is particularly special to me, not only because of their gorgeous, hand-crafted jewelry, but because of their mission to promote sustainable luxury and social good. 


Rich Earth Jewelry is made with 24K gold plated aluminum metal and devastation free, semi-precious stones sourced through socially responsible procedures. According to their website: 

Aluminum is Rich Earth Jewelry's metal of choice for its dedication in promoting a conscious effort on protecting the environment and passion for social responsibility. This type of metal is highly sustainable for it is 100 percent-recyclable, without compromising quality. It is currently the third most recycled material in the world. Aside from its lightweight feature, Aluminum is a non-toxic metal. It is lead and nickel free, so it won't tarnish nor cause skin discoloration.

In addition to their partnership with Save Philippine Seas, Rich Earth also seeks to give back to communities through partnerships with other individuals and organizations committed to bringing more good to societies across the globe. 

Intrigued? Check out Rich Earth Jewelry on their website, and prepare to be mesmerized.