The Time Has Come to Wear Our WHY

Image via Harper's Bazaar

Image via Harper's Bazaar

Something wildly exciting is happening in the world right now, and last night, it took center stage at the Golden Globes, standing defiantly on the red carpet. The sea of black dresses arrived to show the world that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. But is it here to stay?

The #TimesUp movement painted the Golden Globes in multiple shades of black as a symbol of solidarity for gender equality and victims of sexual harrasment. For this red carpet event, the question wasn’t solely about who or what you’re wearing, but WHY you’re wearing it.

Fashion has long been a symbol of self-expression and identity. But in this moment in history, fashion, more than ever, is lending us an opportunity to wear our values- not just for celebrities on award shows, but as everyday people dressing ourselves in our daily lives. Wearing our values means that we are making fashion choices that reflect our desire for social change.

Actors & Activists at the Golden Globes, giving spotlight to what matters

Actors & Activists at the Golden Globes, giving spotlight to what matters

That being said, have you ever asked yourself, “Who made my clothes”?

The #TimesUp movement speaks for women who have been marginalized across all industries. As a conscious fashion champion, I am particularly excited that the #TimesUp statement includes a nod to garment workers, the hidden figures behind the clothes we wear.

Red carpet glamour or not, we all wear and buy clothes, which means that we participate in the fashion industry. I encourage you to think about the fact that 80 percent of the people making our clothes are women of color ages 18-24, many of whom fight for equal pay, safe working conditions, and freedom from sexual violence everyday. The women who make our clothes are fighting the same fight we are.

The shades of black at the #GoldenGlobes proves that the tide is indeed, turning. And as we commend the brave women in Hollywood who are shining a spotlight on the issue, let’s all do our part to make sure that this movement is far more than a moment. We need a movement that lasts long after the cameras are off and the parties are over.

The time is up for apathy. There is much work to do and many ways to do it, but I invite you to use your fashion as a force for good. Let your fashion choices speak as loud as you can, and join me in wearing our thundering WHYs from head to toe.

It’s our time,


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