What is a Glamourbaby Anyway?

One of my muses for the  Glamourbaby Diaries  Project: forever my FLOTUS, Michelle Obama

One of my muses for the Glamourbaby Diaries Project: forever my FLOTUS, Michelle Obama

What is a Glamourbaby? For starters, Glamourbabies do not merely sparkle. They radiate.

You see, a Glamourbaby is far, far more than one who emits conventional ideas of glamour. In fact, the word glamour is defined in the dictionary as this: an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness. By definition, conventional glamour suggests a deceptive quality to one’s beauty or elegance. A facade with no stable foundation, there are those who appear glamorous but unravel when recognizing they are without a firm core or most importantly, purpose.

In contrast, Glamourbabies redefine the notions of beauty to embody much stronger values: social change, self- empowerment, self-love, strength, and spirituality. Beyond physical or material attributes, Glamourbabies depend on their inner light and purpose to speak for itself. Most importantly, they recognize the statement that birthed the name itself: It ain’t all glamour, baby. Growth and change are hard. Transition is difficult. The path to success can be a long and arduous one. The tests are incredibly painful, and the risks are huge.

When it comes to the quest for peace and change, my fellow change agents know that changemaking is not glamourous. We’ve been angered by the things our consciousness have shown us, and we’ve all arrived at the moment when we wish we didn’t learn to see injustice the way we do. As an arts educator, I’ve taught in East Oakland high schools and wealthy private schools in the same week. Witnessing the stark contrasts of resources provided proves just how wide the gaps of disparity and inequality exist in our world, and you recognize how heartbreaking reality can get.

Yet, Glamourbabies represent the beauty of truth, love, hope. Sure, we appreciate fashion and style, because both are synonymous to art, creativity and personal expression. But our beauty lies far beyond this. To us, beauty is rooted in the belief that we are capable of becoming transformative catalysts for positive change.  We are unafraid to fight for what we believe. We make conscious decisions to better the world, because we love fearlessly.

To become a glamourbaby is to become an unshakable force that leads with compassion.  In a world filled with smoke and mirrors, of deception and corruption, of shallow interpretations of heroes and heroines, it is becoming more urgent than ever to show just how gorgeous changing the world can be.


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