Welcome to the new WWW.RUBYVERIDIANO.COM !

Dear Friend,

 I am so pleased to welcome you to my new website. After a lot of hard work and heart, I am so proud to finally share my vision with you.

As you might be able to tell from my biography, my career path has not been a simple or straight storyline. I’ve had many different roles, but each one was in service of my commitment to empower women and to create a better world.

As I forged on my journey, the path was not always clear. There were many moments where I was afraid that my career moves were ‘disconnected’ or ‘incongruent’. But my burning desire to pursue my personal commitment always felt bigger and stronger than my fears, so I always found the courage to keep going.

And you know what? I’m so glad I did.

After many trials and errors, this new website displays the clearest manifestation of my vision. It’s proof that when you follow that which you are being called to do, the dots eventually connect. And when they do, you’ll see that it’s even better than what you originally imagined.

This blog is dedicated to women all over the world who are in search of the best versions of themselves. Because I know from experience that when you are at your best, and at your happiest, you are that much more able to give the world the gifts that only YOU can offer.

Here, you’ll find the motivational messages I have learned throughout my journey to train my positive mindset and to live authentically. You’ll also find inspiration on how to be a changemaker (in style, of course), through blogs I write about social responsibility and ethical fashion. If you're interested in getting these messages directly into your inbox, sign up for my newsletter on the homepage.

Here’s to stepping into 2016 with confidence, a raised consciousness, and heart!